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tacoma personal injury attorney questions
car accident attorney questionsinjury attorney questions
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The law does not require an accident victim to retain an attorney.  The decision whether or not to hire an attorney is up to the individual accident victim. 

Moreover, not every accident will warrant the assistance of an attorney.

However, in many instances, an accident victim will be in a better position to negotiate a fair settlement if they have the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer.

To find out whether the assistance of an attorney might be helpful in your case, call our offices to talk with us, or to schedule a free consultation.  We'll give you our honest opinion on the merits of your claim. 

We'll let you know what your options are.  We'll let you know what your rights are.  We'll let you know whether we can help. 

And we will try to make sure you are pointed in the right direction, whether you hire us or not!



There is no formula that determines precisely what an injury claim is worth.  Every claim must be evaluated based on its own unique facts.  




When a person hires an attorney to represent them in an injury claim, the job of the attorney is to work to secure the fairest possible outcome for their client.  Many times, a fair outcome can be negotiated with the insurance companies.

However, if an insurance company refuses to extend a fair settlement offer, sometimes litigation is the only resource an injured party can wield, to fight for a fair result.  

And even if a lawsuit must be filed, often times a fair settlement can still be negotiated prior to a case actually going to trial.  

At our offices, we simply promise our clients to do whatever is necessary to fight for a fair final outcome, whether by way of negotiation, or through litigation.

Car Accident Attorneys

Automobile Accidents


What to do if you are involved in an auto accident?


1. Stay calm.

2. Pull out of traffic if you can. Put out flares and/or have someone direct traffic.

3. Call the police or request that a witness or another person at the scene call.

4. If you are injured, do not move unless your life is at risk. Wait for qualified medical help.

5. Render first aid to others involved if you are qualified to do so. Do not move any injured person unless their life is at risk.

6. Do not admit responsibility.

7. Gather information at the scene. Names, addresses and phone numbers of all those involved. Also gather license number, insurance information and any witness information.

8. Take notes about the scene, weather, traffic and skid marks.

9. Take photographs of the scene, the vehicles involved, the road way and the general area.

If an investigating officer comes to the scene, he or she will interview all parties and take statements at the scene. Additionally, the officer will likely provide all parties with contact information. When the investigation is complete, the officer will issue a formal report, and citations may or may not be issued.

What to do after the auto accident?


1. Contact your auto insurance company to inform them of the accident.

2. If you were injured make a follow up appointment with your family physician. It is always important to seek medical help. Certain injuries can be unseen injuries.

3. Contact your attorney, if you plan to seek an injury claim.

4. Do not talk to the at-fault parties’ insurance company until you have at least sought the advice of an attorney.

What to bring to your first attorney consultation?


Try to bring any relevant paperwork or documentation you have that relates to your injury claim.  The following types of documentation can be particularly helpful in assisting an attorney to give you the best advice regarding a potential case:

1. Police report.

2. Names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties involved.

3. Insurance information.

4. Any photographs that were taken.

5. Medical records and billing statements for injuries sustained from the accident.

6. Health insurance information.


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