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Although you do not have to hire an attorney to pursue damages after a car accident, having an experienced ally by your side can prove to be invaluable. A personal injury lawyer can help with everything from identifying the liable party to ensuring your best interests remain a priority during negotiations.

If you are recovering from car accident injuries and you want to file a claim, turn to the legal team at Paine, Kilpatrick, Coleman & Mahoney, P.C. in Tacoma, WA. Below, their personal injury lawyers discuss why you should hire an attorney after a car accident.

   1.  They Know How to Preserve Evidence

Many car accident victims are surprised at just how quickly witness statements regarding the crash can change. Even in cases where liability was seemingly obvious at the time of the incident, witnesses might later claim to have seen something else. When you hire an attorney, he or she will get everything in writing from the start, so all the evidence pertaining to your case is preserved.

    2.  They Will Protect You From Accepting an Unfair Settlement

Insurance adjusters can be aggressive, and they might try to convince you that your claim is worth much less than the actual value. If you don’t discuss the offer with an attorney, you may not be able to gauge whether it is a fair evaluation of your situation.

     3.  They Will Help You Prove Liability

In many car accident cases, determining liability is challenging. A lawyer will help you determine and prove liability so you can pursue compensation from the reckless or negligent motorist who is at fault.

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