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Nursing home abuse is one of the most unfortunate aspects of elderly care, and it often goes unnoticed. As such, it’s important to educate yourself so you’ll be able to notice warning signs. In many cases, if nursing home abuse did take place, you may be eligible for compensation, so read on for answers to some common question regarding the matter.

     1. What Are Common Forms of Abuse?

Neglect is the most common form of nursing home abuse. In more severe cases, physical abuse and medical malpractice can also occur. Some nursing homes may also rob residents of their money or belongings. If you suspect something, speak with your loved one and consult with a lawyer to take action.

      2. How Can I Tell If Someone Is Being Abused?

Abuse can be difficult for a loved one to discuss. However, there are some telltale signs to look for. Unexplained injuries such as bruises or broken bones can signify physical abuse or neglect.  Your loved one may also be anxious or depressed. You may notice signs of poor care, such as unsanitary living conditions, missing medication, or negligence in their room or throughout the facility.

      3. Can I Be Compensated for Damages?

You may be entitled to collect compensation for damages based on financial, physical, or emotional nursing home abuse. For neglect, compensation may cover medical bills related to an incident or treatment for any psychological damage. For financial misconduct, a lawyer can help you collect compensation for any losses.

      4. What Should I Do if I Suspect Abuse?

It’s best to speak to your loved one if you suspect they are being abused. If they’re unwilling to talk, ask any friends they have that visit them. Avoid speaking with the staff, as it’s best to talk to the director of the facility if you want to file a complaint. If you discover signs of nursing home abuse, hire a lawyer to help you build a case and receive compensation.

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